E+ID Contact

Eiben Hall
Chaminade University of Honolulu
3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96816

Program Director
(808) 739-8574

Program Secretary
(808) 739-4680


A diverse faculty of reputable, practicing professionals and distinguished educators bring a high level of expertise and experience to the classroom. The average faculty-student ratio (1:8) insures more personal attention to individual students, encourages greater interaction between students and their instructors, and allows students to progress at a pace that is optimal for them.

E+ID Faculty

  • Joan Riggs (ID/ED)
  • Liza Lockard (Architecture/ID/ED)
  • Junghwa Suh (Architecture/ID/ED)
  • Faith Milnes (Fine Arts/Textiles)
  • Walter Takeda (Fine Arts)
  • Yukio Ozaki (Fine Arts)

E+ID Adjunct Faculty

  • Carol Caughey (Lighting)
  • Laurent Chouari (ID/Fine Arts)
  • Marga Jann (Architecture)
  • J.R. Ludlow (Kitchen & Bath Design)
  • Jay Marion (Architecture/Graphic Design)
  • Will Reihmann (Architecture/Computer-Aided Design)
  • Victoria Reventas (ID/ED)
  • Marissa Tanigawa (Architecture/Computer-Aided Design)
  • Duane Uchida (Architecture/Computer-Aided Design)
  • Jon Van Horn (Architecture/Computer-Aided Design)

Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

  • Caryn Callahan (Business)
  • Richard Bordner (Behavioral Sciences